Onboarding myself (then many others)

Hi, I wanted to talk you through my onboarding so far:

  • make a gitopia username with my icns blessed cosmos wallet
  • make a dao, called notional
  • unable to download my wallet file by following the docs

Basically I want to learn the onboarding pattern effectively because I want to lead an exodus form github to gitopia in cosmos. I have some concerns:

  1. ease of onboarding
  2. should ahve smooth flow when using tibopia vs github. For example need pul requests to show up in both places
  3. github actions should work on github

I’ll treat this like a thread and come back after I have had more time to work on this.

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Hey @faddat , thanks for your feedback.

The download wallet option is only available for local wallets.

We primarily support the following authentication mechanisms in git

  • os-keyring (recommended) [0]
  • local wallet [1]
  • ledger

We recommend that you use os-keyring for pushing your repositories from your machine. You can find the steps for configuring os keying in the case of Keplr wallet here

For ease of onboarding, we have a Github mirror action[2][3] which is a workflow file that could be added to a repository on Github. It uses GitHub actions to push code to gitopia whenever the repository is pushed to GitHub. Note that this also requires the wallet file to be added to GitHub secrets.

We recommend that you keep a separate wallet, added as a collaborator with write permissions, for providing keys for GitHub Secret and mirroring your code from GitHub to Gitopia. This way, you can avoid exposing your main wallet to GitHub and keep it secure.

Here’s how you can create a local wallet from your Keplr wallet mnemonic for GitHub Mirror action. All you need to do is create a json file [4] using your Keplr mnemonic and address.

  "name": "wallet-name",
  "mnemonic": "..",
  "HDpath": "m/44'/118'/0'/0/",
  "accounts": [
      "address": "...",
      "pathIncrement": 0

[0] - OS Keyring (Recommended) | Gitopia
[1] - Gitopia Wallet | Gitopia
[2] - Migrating from GitHub to Gitopia | Gitopia
[3] - Gitopia Mirror Action · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub
[4] - Gitopia Web(Local) Wallet | Gitopia