How to reach out for support?

To get help in the Gitopia community here are the steps:

  1. Read Documentation - Documentation has answers to your basic FAQs, knowledge, and getting started guides to Gitopia. If you still feel the answer you are looking for is an unsolved move to the next step.
  2. Ask in the community - If your question is related to the product or ecosystem you can join our community and ask the question in the support channel. If you are facing an issue or bug please report it here. You can also report a bug by starting the topic with prefix [BUG REPORT]
  3. Create a topic under support on our forum - You can create a topic at this thread and share the thread on other community channels to search for an answer. Once the thread is in the community our moderator team will make sure to find the relevant person to answer.
  4. Create an issue on the Gitopia repository: If you need support related to a bug you can also report it on our repository by creating an issue. Learn how to create issues

Cheers and have a good time building! :rocket: