Governance Proposal: Restructuring Ecosystem Rewards for Platform Incentives


This proposal suggests reallocating a portion of the current 30% ecosystem rewards generated from inflation to a separate fund called “Platform Incentives.” The aim is to dedicate 15% of the inflation-based rewards to incentivize active and meaningful participation in the Gitopia platform, particularly focusing on open-source contribution and collaboration.


The existing mechanism allocates 30% of inflation-based rewards to the ecosystem pool. While this large share serves multiple purposes, there is a growing need to directly encourage active usage and high-quality contributions to the platform.


Phase 1: Pool Reallocation

  • Reduce the existing “Ecosystem Rewards” allocation from 30% to 15%.
  • Introduce a new “Platform Incentives” pool, funded by 15% of inflation-based rewards.

Phase 2: Implementation and Oversight

Given the potential for spam and low-quality contributions, the disbursement of the “Platform Incentives” pool will initially be manual and conducted through governance proposals. This phase will last for 6 months and aims to:

  1. Eliminate spam by using governance proposals for manual oversight.
  2. Collect data and user feedback to refine the disbursement metrics.

Phase 3: Automation

Develop and deploy an automated disbursement mechanism for the “Platform Incentives” pool based on the learnings from Phase 2. This will include:

  • Defining clear metrics and KPIs for what constitutes a “valuable contribution.”
  • Implementing spam filters and quality checks.
  • Setting up an automated system for pool disbursement based on the defined metrics.


By reallocating a portion of the ecosystem rewards to incentivize platform usage, we aim to achieve:

  1. Increased User Engagement: Direct incentives will encourage more users to contribute and collaborate.
  2. Higher Quality Contributions: Oversight and evolving metrics will help maintain the quality of contributions.
  3. Platform Growth: Active and meaningful participation is crucial for the long-term sustainability and growth of Gitopia.


  • Phase 1: Immediate upon approval.
  • Phase 2: 6-month period post-approval for manual oversight and data collection.
  • Phase 3: Development and deployment of the automated system within the following 3 months.

Risks and Challenges

  1. Spam: The risk of incentivizing spam or low-quality contributions.
  2. Implementation Complexity: Building an automated and fair disbursement system.


This proposal aims to balance the need for incentivizing active platform usage while ensuring that contributions are of high quality. Your support and feedback are crucial for the successful implementation of this proposal