Introducing Gitopia devnet! Try out new features before they're released on the main network

We are excited to announce that Gitopia devnet is now live!

Check it out =>

Gitopia devnet will allow developers to try out new features and test updates before they’re released on the main network. This will enable us to quickly test new features and upgrades without disrupting the network. By catching and fixing issues in the devnet, we can ensure a smoother and more stable experience for everyone on the main network.

We have been testing some important updates on the devnet, including:

Interchain Bounties:
Interchain bounties allow users to crowdsource help for open issues by offering rewards. These bounties can be funded by the project or external organizations and are meant to motivate developers to work on the project and help improve it.

  • Users can create issues, attach any IBC-compatible tokens as bounties to it, set a deadline, and invite meaningful contributions for a project.
  • The project maintainer can then assign the issue to a contributor.
  • Once the contributor’s pull request linking to that issue is merged, attached bounties are automatically released to the contributor, eliminating the need for escrow.

We have added support for osmosis and cosmos hub testnet tokens to test the workflows. Create interchain bounties and help us squash all bugs before the mainnet!

Search & Explore:
Gitopia uses Graph protocol to enable efficient and decentralized data search and exploration on the platform. This will help users find their favorite projects on Gitopia and lay down the groundwork for a recommendation based explore/feed. This feature will significantly enhance the user experience and encourage more contributions and collaboration. Gitopia would be one of the first few Cosmos chains to implement the Graph protocol for indexing, querying, and collecting data.

Added support for Git LFS:
With Git LFS, you can now store large files outside your Git repository, making management and collaboration on large projects easier.

Software Upgrade Proposals:
Gitopia devnet was the testing ground for our first software upgrade proposal! Going forward, all software upgrades will be done through proposals.

We encourage you to try out the new features and share your feedback with us. Please report any issues by following this link: gitopia-web. In the issue description, please mention that the issue was found in the devnet.

The launch of devnet marks a major step towards seamless and bug-free deployment on Gitopia. As we prepare for the highly anticipated mainnet launch, devnet will help us quickly gather feedback from the community.

Thank you for your support and happy testing on Gitopia devnet!