Decentralized Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (dMRV) Repo on Gitopia

Regenerative Finance is a growing movement in the cryptocurrency world, with many projects aiming to plant or conserve trees (Endangered Tokens), do regenerative agriculture (Regen Network), further enable renewable energy (Energy Web), etc. In fact ReFi is estimated by Simbiotica Finance to have around a $16 billion market cap. That’s not even mentioning the UN convened net zero asset alliance that has $5 trillion committed to net zero by 2030 or many other environmental initiatives. How does one verify that ReFi/ environmental projects are actually doing regenerative actions and the benefits from them? That’s where dMRV comes into play- a combination of human sensing, IOT devices, satellites and other data collection techniques combined with infrastructure and algorithms to monitor, report and verify actions have taken place and the benefits from these actions. dMeter is one of the first organizations committed to building out such a system- founded in web3 principles: trust minimization, transparency, decentralization. dMeter has been operating for around a year, has a real life pilot in Texas, has award winning coding, and has recently received a major filecoin green grant to build out a data claim resolution system that will be utilized by organizations such as Regen Network, Silvi and others in their foundational coding. dMeter is currently in talks to join MRV Collective- a nonprofit initiative to further scale out our work in dMRV.

The open source code we have been creating has been on Github, however we are now looking at ways in which we can incentivize further contributors of open source coding related to dMRV to collaborate on this dMRV system. Such as Stanford Natural Capital Initiative- InVEST coders. One of the ways in which we thought of doing this is through connecting their code to a central repository and messaging the contributors of the original repos that their code has been connected to our repo and that if they’d like they can connect their wallet to claim rewards for their contribution. With Gitopia’s mirroring features of Github repos and the incentivization mechanism of Gitopia token, we think this could be a very synergistic relationship. What we’d like to propose is a dMeter repo that gets incentivized for furthering dMRV on Gitopia and utilizes Gitopia’s reward mechanism to incentivize contributors to the open source coding. dMeter can handle the reward distribution to open source coders and any unclaimed rewards we’d use for a Gitcoin round focused entirely on dMRV. As start of this relationship, it’d be fantastic if Gitopia could also offer some initial grant funding to promote dMeter transitioning to Gitopia and the connecting of code as described above.

We’d love to initiate this conversation and see about possibilities of collaboration. Looking forward to talking further.

Our website:, Filcoin grant: Claim Resolution for dMRV : impact certificates. · Issue #1050 · filecoin-project/devgrants · GitHub

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