Airdrop at Gitopia Idea

Dear community,

As mentioned in The GAME of $LORE blog. This thread is dedicated to discuss around how we should airdrop the reserved amount to the developers in the community?

Please mention your ideas here in the thread


I hope team game nft

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I think it is necessary to involve the Cosmos community by rewarding the atom stakers and offering a higher percentage (maybe a x2) to users who have tested Gitopia before a possible snapshot.

Airdropped tokens must be redeemed via tasks (like Crescent did with CRE).


Not only rewarding early testers is a great idea, why not have some part of the airdrop go towards positive marketing in social media (there is always the risk of it being negative due to shillers) but some early publicity might be highly beneficial. Moreover, some of the airdrop can be allocated to individuals who contribute to the production of documents, media, etc. that focus on benefiting the chain.

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Great suggestion. I will look into this.

give to early users
i would be reasonable

or take task like testnet users

Give an amount that would be remarkable in social media, to random choosen limited number of early users :sunglasses:

for user tested gitopia

atom juno and osmo akt staker and holder